Innovative Digital Coupon Marketing Platform for Your Business

Add eCouponGenie to your existing advertising. We take any existing or new Coupon and make them smarter.

Grow conversions & sales

Create high-quality leads, collect marketing opt-ins, and gain the insights you need to identify your next customer by using our coupons and vouchers solutions. Did you know Mobile Coupons are very convenient, increasingly popular, and here to stay.

Gamification to increase awareness

Create fun and gamified experiences for your audience with our interactive marketing games. Our range of gamification solutions, doesn’t only help you increase brand awareness but increases customer loyalty as well as engagement.

Build customer loyalty programs

Reward returning visitors, build lasting relationships and deliver value with customized offers. A loyalty program is about more than points and rewards. It is about understanding what drives your customers to engage and repeat purchases.

Boosting your Business with Mobile Marketing

Do you want better results from your coupon campaigns? Adding eCoupon Genie Mobile Marketing Platform will give you the ability to increase brand awareness, simplify engagement and even generate sales, mobile marketing can transform your business performance.

Studies have shown more people use smartphones than ever before, mobile marketing has become the #1 way to reach your target audience. While digital marketing has increased as a whole, mobile marketing is the top choice for professional marketers and growing businesses.

As more companies begin to reap the benefits of mobile marketing, it’s important to understand why it’s essential in today’s digital landscape.

We at eCouponGenie want to support you by creating world-class mobile engagements.

Industries Using Digital Couponing

eCoupon Genie’s Solutions to Industries

Curious about how the eCouponGenie improves your mobile marketing?

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We help you generate more customers by digitizing your offers

We specialize in helping businesses get more customers by structuring highly effective digital offer campaigns. We Utilize Our cutting edge, innovative platform and the power of the internet, to drive more sales at the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Step 1

We take your existing or new offer and turn it into a digital campaign.

Step 2

We promote your offer on social media, your website, your existing customers. We can specifically target your perfect customer, so your ad reaches exactly the customers you want.

Step 3

We use a unique offer delivery, combine with impressive visual design, which has been proven to get attention and increase participation.

Digital Coupons Has Exceptional Engagement Results

75 %

of Shoppers use smartphone while shopping

201 %

Increased Store Visits

50 %

Increased Mobile Coupons Redemptions

Why Choose EcouponGenie?

eCoupon Genie’s Solutions to Industries

Powerful coupon & voucher builder

Reduce fraud with secure single use coupons

HTML5 webbased no app download needed

Interactive marketing games & gamification

Marketing automation via zapier or API's

Data capture & analytics ROI calculator

Many 3rd-party app integrations

Greater return on investment

Curious about how the eCoupon Genie improves your mobile marketing?

Our Product Overview

Digital Coupons

eCouponGenie helps you Connect with your audience through Digital Coupons and trigger conversions.

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Digital Vouchers

Accept payments through Digital Vouchers to unlock a Coupon, Gift Card or Voucher.

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Gamified Coupons

Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons.

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Landing Pages

Secure campaign distribution via amazing Landing Pages

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Mobile Coupon Directory

Collect all your digital campaigns in one Mobile Coupon Directory.

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SMS Marketing Software

Easily distribute your digital campaigns using our inhouse SMS-software tool.

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