Claim Methods

eCouponGenie Claim Methods

Digital Coupons created with eCouponGenie Platform contain the most advanced features on the market.

Capture data

Require users to enter personal data to unlock your offer. You can carefully set up which data to ask and which is required. All data is stored and ready for you to use for remarketing and analysis.

Watch a video

Require your customers to watch a video.

Fulfill a payment

Obligate users to fulfill a payment to unlock your Digital Coupon or Voucher.

Share on Facebook

Obligate users to share your offer on Facebook to unlock the discount Coupon. This is an effortless method to gain exposure for your Digital Coupons.

Custom claim method

eCouponGenie also provides custom claim methods. E.g. We can redirect the claim page to your software or web page and develop a custom solution.

Install an app

Require users to install an app to unlock the discount. Perfect for generating app installs.

Stimulate desirable behavior by offering tempting digital discount Coupons at the right time.