Coupon Directory

eCouponGenie Mobile Coupon Directory

Gather all your digital offers in one Digital Coupon catalog.
A Digital Coupon Directory is a collection of all your digital campaigns in one catalog. It’s the perfect tool to group discounts when you’re offering multiple discounts at once.
It’s very dynamic and easy to add or delete campaigns. Furthermore, you only have to advertise one Digital Coupon Directory instead of all your deals separately.
Group your digital deals, communicate just one Coupon Directory.

Why a Coupon Directory?

Thanks to the rise of the smartphone, people are connected at all times. Businesses should respond to this by providing Digital Coupon Directories to the right audience at the perfect time. This way you stimulate brand awareness, improve your reputation, and trigger conversions.

What is a Coupon Directory?

A Mobile Coupon Directory is a collection of all your digital deals in one place. There’s no need to promote separate discounts if you can easily collect all your discounts in one digital place and reduce the promotion effort.


eCouponGenie Directory Features

You’ll be able to reach more people at the fraction of the price of traditional advertising.


Categorize your offers within the Directory to improve the user-friendliness.

GPS location

GPS location Display a full screen maps integration so customers effortlessly find their way to your location.

User registration

Require users to register themselves before accessing the coupon Directory.

Search Functionality

Customers can browse within the coupon Directory to find their favorite deals.

Easy distribution

Integrates perfectly in your existing website, Social Media Channels, app or kiosk.

Payment integrations

Set up payment integrations for your Mobile Coupon Directory to ask a registration fee.

1. Create campaigns

Create digital campaigns to publish in the Directory.

2. Add Campaigns to Directory

Add all desirable campaigns to your Coupon Directory.

3. Arrange Directory Settings

Carefully set up the Directory settings.

4. Publish Directory

Add the Directory to your favorite communication channel.