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eCouponGenie integrations

eCouponGenie Integration

Zapier is a really useful platform that provides integrations between different services which ordinarily wouldn’t be able to connect. You don’t need any development knowledge to use Zapier.
Zapier supports eCouponGenie along with a wide range of other web services.
In addition to Zapier, Our Team can work with your company to use our robust API & Webhooks.

API & Webhooks

Connect the eCouponGenie platform with your apps or web projects. The eCouponGenie REST API allows you to query meta-data about your account, campaigns, distribution, validations, and usage data.

Stimulate desirable behavior by offering tempting digital discount Coupons at the right time.



How to work with eCouponGenie Platform

Our Experts Designer can custom create your Digital Coupons or choose from one of the many template Coupons and completely customize it to your branding.
After Creation and Approval, We Publish your Digital Coupons within a few clicks to your favorite communication channels.
Each used Digital Coupon is tracked and Carefully mark with the eCouponGenie platform’s validation methods.
Consult your campaign in real-time and view customers statistics to fine tune your future digital campaigns.

Digital Coupon Types

Digital Coupons created with eCouponGenie Platform has the most advanced features.
Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Spin & Win Coupons.
Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Spin Wheel Coupons.
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