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eCouponGenie Validation Stamps

Physical Validation Stamp

eCouponGenie Platform manages digital coupon creation, distribution, validation, adding claim methods and the generation of valuable insights.
Benefit from the versatility of the eCouponGenie Digital Coupon Platform and years of Expertise to take your Mobile Marketing efforts to the next level.
For Digital Coupon, Voucher or Loyalty Card validation, a merchant often has to enter a password manually. That might cause waiting lines and isn’t the most efficient validation method.
Using the Physical Validation Stamp, those issues belong to the past. The Stamps ensure a fast and highly secure validation process.

Simple Validation process

Eliminate queues. Press the stamp on the smartphone’s screen and validate digital campaigns right away.

Battery free

Smooth experience that you can use anywhere. No batteries, wires or antennas required to use validation stamps.

Trackable statistics

Track and analyze all validations made with the validation stamp.


Every Stamp is uniquely identifiable. Thanks to the secure validation stamp, people can’t use the campaign again after validation.

Validate on any smartphone

Validate digital campaigns by stamp on any smartphone.


Rebrand the validation stamps with your logo. Only possible for orders above 500 stamps.

Our Products

Our Product Overview

eCouponGenie helps you Connect with your audience through Digital Coupons and trigger conversions.
Accept payments through Digital Vouchers to unlock a Coupon, Gift Card or Voucher.
Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons.
Secure campaign distribution via amazing Landing Pages
Collect all your digital campaigns in one Mobile Coupon Directory.
Easily distribute your digital campaigns using our inhouse SMS-software tool.

How to work with eCouponGenie Platform

Our Experts Designer can custom create your Digital Coupons or choose from one of the many template Coupons and completely customize it to your branding.
After Creation and Approval, We Publish your Digital Coupons within a few clicks to your favorite communication channels.
Each used Digital Coupon is tracked and Carefully mark with the eCouponGenie platform’s validation methods.
Consult your campaign in real-time and view customers statistics to fine tune your future digital campaigns.
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