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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

It is impossible to imagine doing business without any type of Email marketing. It’s personal, cost-effective and perfectly measurable.
At eCouponGenie, we have the promotional tools to take your existing email marketing efforts to the next level.
Offering Digital Coupons on your social media channel improves your reputation, triggers visits and boosts sales.

eCouponGenie for Email marketing

Promotion software

Create, distribute and validate your homemade digital campaigns.


Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons.


Accurate overview of your campaign statistics.

Built-in Email software

eCouponGenie has a built-in Email software tool.

Easy to launch

Within a few clicks, your digital campaigns are sent out.

Single-use Coupons

Send out in bulk, assure single-use.


Easily connect your existing Email software with eCouponGenie.

eCouponGenie Campaign Types

eCouponGenie helps you Connect with your audience through Digital Coupons and trigger conversions.
Accept payments through Digital Vouchers to unlock a Coupon, Gift Card or Voucher.
Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons.
One-stop solution for the creation, distribution and validation of Digital Vouchers. eCouponGenie simplifies maintaining relationships with your audience. Digital Vouchers are quick wins. With a minimum effort you can reach immense potential.

What’s possible with eCouponGenie?

What’s possible with eCouponGenie?

Send out Digital single-use Coupons and Vouchers through email.

Example: Embed a Digital Coupon URL in your emails. For every email sent, there’s a unique Coupon URL generated for every session.

This means every recipient can only use their Coupon once.

Marketing Automation

Set up Marketing Automation triggers to automatically send digital campaigns based on predefined triggers.

Example: A visitor that hasn’t visited your web shop in three months, automatically receives an email with personalized Digital discount Coupons.

Text marketing in 3 simple steps

1. Create

Create digital campaigns with the eCouponGenie platform.

2. Connect

Connect your Email software with eCouponGenie or use the built-in Email tool.

3. Distribute

Easily add your digital campaigns to your emails and send out.
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