Landing Pages

Digital Coupon Landing Pages

Using eCouponGenie Platform, Our expert designers will create amazing Landing Pages for your digital coupons, vouchers and loyalty cards.
eCouponGenie Landing Page Builder allows our expert designers to create a wonderful Landing Page.Perfectly suitable to display additional information, capture customer data, extra security, or function as a customer portal!
We are your one Stop Shop for creating and publishing Digital Coupons.
Let the customers know what they have to do to unlock their discount. Using eCouponGenie, we can easily add text, images, and redirection buttons to the landing page.

What’s a Landing Page used for?

It’s mainly used as a ‘Landing Page’ before a coupon or voucher. The Landing Page is used for the following applications.

Display additional information

A landing page is perfect to accompany Digital Coupons, Vouchers, or Loyalty Cards that need some guidelines.

Distribution tool

The Landing Page is frequently used as a distribution tool. Customers enter data and can send the campaign to themselves by email or SMS, can directly save it in their mobile wallet or are redirected to the digital campaign.

Capture data

Another convenient feature of the Landing Page is data capture. Have customers fill in their data before they receive your coupon.
It’s possible to ask for first names, names, phone numbers, gender, email addresses, and even custom values.

Customer portal / Extra security layer

The landing page is also perfectly suitable to function as a Customer Portal. Ask for crucial, unique data before users receive the digital campaign.
For example, have customers identify with a unique customer code or phone number before they receive access to your coupon.

eCouponGenie Landing Page Advantages


Working with Our Expert Designers, we will Set up your Landing Page to attract your customers.


Require users to identify themselves before they receive a coupon.

Data capture

eCouponGenie platform is the Perfect tool to effortlessly capture user data. All data is stored in the Landing Page statistics


Almost every aspect of the Landing Page is customizable.


Provide users more information and guidelines to successfully benefit from your promotional campaign.

Easy to distribute

Easily distribute the Landing Page on your website, social media channels, or as a QR Code.