Digital campaigns enable merchants and brands to collect more complete and accurate information of their customers.
It results to a better understanding of their customers and the potential to build a direct relationship.

Our campaign statistics give live reports about the distributed campaigns. Monitor your mobile marketing
campaigns in real-time.

Why Digital Payment Vouchers?

Thanks to the rise of the smartphone, people are connected at all times. Businesses should respond to this by providing Digital Vouchers to the right audience at the perfect time. This way you stimulate brand awareness, improve your reputation and trigger conversions.

Advanced statistics

Redemption rates

Gather insights in the open rate, claim rate and redeem rate of your digital campaigns.


Use all the captured data to fine-tune future campaigns. We provide you with tools to capture both personal data and to use that data.

Generated turnover

Our digital campaigns allow you to consult a detailed overview of the generated turnover and the money spent value.

Location-based advertising

The digital campaigns collects information about the user’s phone location. You’ll have a detailed map overview of where your customer opened and redeemed your Digital Coupon.

Advanced statistics


4 out of 5 consumers say that Coupons availability affects their purchase decisions


65% of people make shopping decisions based on Coupons. 94% say it’s the most important amenity at a shop.


Half of businesses in the US acknowledges that customers spent more money when Coupons are available.

Stimulate desirable behavior by offering tempting digital discount Coupons at the right time.

3 Core values of eCouponGenie Platform

1. Whitelabel campaigns

Design wonderful digital (gamified) coupons and customize them with your brand’s logo.

2. Protect yourself against fraud

Reduce digital coupon fraud thanks to our secure digital coupon validation methods

3. Omni channel distribution

Your digital campaigns are mobile-friendly, web-based and can be embedded in various distribution methods

Digital Coupon Types

Digital Coupons created with eCouponGenie Platform has the most advanced features.
Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Spin & Win Coupons.
Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Spin Wheel Coupons.