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Birthday Marketing Platform

Birthday Marketing Platform

Birthdays, the most celebrated event and a ‘must-have’ marketing solution. Did you know that 7 out of 10 adults dine out on their or someone else’s birthday? That’s why birthday parties are the #1 dining event.
However, many restaurants don’t take advantage of this simple yet very profitable birthday marketing formula opportunity.

How to create your birthday marketing program?

These are the 3 main reasons why restaurants or small business owners don’t have a Birthday Club Program or Birthday Marketing Formula.

eCouponGenie Marketing Playform provides all 3 solutions in one platform!

Collect customers' birthdate

We have several ready-to-use tools to collect birth dates from your customers. How to capture data?

Birthday marketing formula

Setting up birthday marketing messages is easy with the eCouponGenie platform. We provide you with ready-to-use templates to create beautiful birthday coupons. Besides regular coupons, eCouponGenie has a lot more to offer than most competitors.
What do you think about a digital scratch-off card or a wheel of fortune game with several prizes where you can set up the exact win chances? You’re in complete control of the odds!

Birthday Marketing Ideas

Birthdays give another dimension to the personalized marketing approach. People feel appreciated if you congratulate and present him/her on his/her special day! Furthermore, birthday coupons rely on an enormous redeem rate.
Create your own digital campaigns with our coupon builder, or hire our design team to set up the entire campaign for you!

SMS For birthday marketing

Get ahead of the competition with text messaging for your birthday marketing campaigns. SMS is the most cost-effective method to deliver your birthday marketing messages at scale directly. With the eCouponGenie marketing platform, you can create birthday automation, so once in place, you sit back and relax!
SMS has reported open rates of 98%, well above other mediums like email. SMS messages essentially have a guaranteed read rate since you can’t exactly delete a message without looking at it multiple times.

How to work with eCouponGenie Platform

Our Experts Designer can custom create your Digital Coupons or choose from one of the many template Coupons and completely customize it to your branding.
After Creation and Approval, We Publish your Digital Coupons within a few clicks to your favorite communication channels.
Each used Digital Coupon is tracked and Carefully mark with the eCouponGenie platform’s validation methods.
Consult your campaign in real-time and view customers statistics to fine tune your future digital campaigns.

eCouponGenie Campaign Types

eCouponGenie helps you Connect with your audience through Digital Coupons and trigger conversions.
Accept payments through Digital Vouchers to unlock a Coupon, Gift Card or Voucher.
Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons.
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